How To Find Genuine Bird Nest Suppliers

Virtually anybody within the hen nest business can declare to be a provider. However not all of them can declare to be real provider. In case you intend to purchase edible hen nests wherever, and also you’re questioning discover real suppliers, this text is for you.

Sources of Real Hen Nests

So as to determine a real hen nest provider, you should perceive the place they get the nests from. Edible hen nests are constructed by three completely different species of Swiftlets birds particularly; Collocalia Fuchipaga, Collocalia Esculanta, and Collocalia Maxima. Most of those birds construct their nests in limestone caves, whereas others construct theirs in deserted homes near city. These birds construct these nests to boost their offspring.

The Collocalia Fuchipaga

The Collocalia Fuchipaga produces the White hen nests that are thought of the very best high quality of all. This species of Swiftlets makes use of its saliva to construct its nest. The saliva acts as gelatinous strands. The nest of this species is made up of 87%- 97% saliva and different objects like feather. The excessive proportion of saliva makes it a wealthy minerals and nutrient supply and it’s the purpose why White nests are seen as the very best high quality of all.

The Collocalia Esculanta

The Collocalia Esculanta species makes use of its saliva and leaves to construct its nests. As such, the nests usually include 5-15% of the hen’s saliva whereas the remaining are leaves. Additionally, the nests are sometimes clear, grayish in colour, and shiny.

The Collocalia Maxima

The Collocalia Maxima species makes use of its feathers and saliva to construct nests. These nests look uninteresting, they’re creamy in colour, and shiny. The nest is usually made up of 5% saliva whereas the remaining is the hen’s feathers. Collocalia Maxima’s nests are completely secure and wholesome for human consumption. Listed here are related ideas that can assist you differentiate pretend nests suppliers from genuine nests suppliers:

Permits Inspection

Real hen nest suppliers permit consumers to examine them earlier than shopping for. Keep away from shopping for from suppliers that does not allow bodily inspection. Some nests are pre-packaged to stop individuals from inspecting them. Don’t purchase pre-packaged ones.


If you examine any nest, observe the sizes. Real ones will not be all in the identical sizes. All species of Swiftlets will not be precisely the identical and even inside the similar species, sizes are completely different. As such, all sizes of the nests can’t be the identical. However all pretend ones usually have the identical sizes.

Ask for proof of presidency approval

Before you purchase from any provider, ask for proof of presidency approval. In a number of completely different nations the place hen nest is on the market on the market the federal government usually has a regulatory company to examine the actions of suppliers.

Understand the scent

Hen nests are sometimes harvested after the younger Swiftlets are weaned and have flown off. As such, the nests usually have delicate egg scent. As you observe the nests, pay rapt consideration to the scent emanating from it. Those bought by pretend suppliers hardly have any scent and if it does, it hardly smells like eggs. Pretend ones usually odor of bleach chemical if noticed intently.

Observe the colours

The colour of nests bought by pretend suppliers is usually completely white or reflective. Such pretend ones have been chemically bleached and they’re unhealthy and dangerous if consumed. Genuine ones are sometimes creamy in colour and never completely reflective or clear.

Strive the hen nest water experiment

You may do that water experiment to confirm if a hen nest is pretend or real. Begin by soaking a small portion of it in water for some minutes. Fastidiously pull the nest’s strands. If the strands breaks immediately with ease, then the nest is just not genuine. Real ones are made by Swiftlets and the saliva of the hen solidify. Ideally, it will require nearly 48 hours or extra to soak a real nest earlier than its strands can pull loosely.

Learn how to spot pretend suppliers

Most pretend hen nest suppliers usually pre-package it to stop bodily inspection. Such nests are sometimes sealed in a small container and labeled. Watch out for those who intend to purchase them. They’re usually unhealthy and very dangerous. Pretend suppliers make their nests from completely different supplies. A few of such supplies embrace fungus, gelatin, glue and flour, pigskin, sea gum or tree weed.

Pretend producers know make their pretend nests look genuine, however there are methods to determine pretend ones. Hen nests are fragile and break simply. Pretend ones don’t break simply, they’re elastic. Additionally, pretend ones have shiny floor and when touched, they really feel like plastic. Before you purchase from any provider, contact the nest to know the way it feels and observe its degree of elasticity.


Many suppliers of faux hen nests are sometimes smarter than many individuals can think about. They do all they will to make the pretend nests look actual, and might simply seduce consumers by providing low costs.

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